10 applications for a sustainable lifestyle

Our planet faces many challenges on a daily basis, one of the biggest of which is certainly climate change. In recent years, scientists have confirmed that being “environmentally friendly” can no longer be just a hobby. Although it seems to us that we alone cannot do much to preserve the planet for future generations, there are ways in which each individual can actually contribute. For example, using local foods, eating less meat, using as small quantities of packaging as possible, turning off appliances that are not in use, and so on. 

In addition to these ways, there is technology that further helps us in our sustainable lifestyle. Here are 10 apps that can help us on a daily basis to live more sustainably, thereby doing something useful for the whole world. 


The fashion industry and our way of dressing are probably not the first associations we get when we talk about saving the planet right? The fact is that the origin of our clothes is even more important. A sustainable step we can take is to shop at “second-hand” stores. The app that helps with this is  ThredUp . An online platform and physical store that offers reduced prices for “high-end” items – both new and used. In the offer, users can find brands such as Kate Spade and Coach. In addition to shopping, ThredUp also allows you to sell or donate clothing.


Borrowing instead of buying is another way to change your lifestyle. The Olio app , available for both iOS and Android , helps reduce waste in a specific area. The user takes a picture of the items he wants to share and all the neighbors who use the app get a notification. In addition, we can also explore for ourselves what the surroundings have to offer, from food, cleaners, to various other things. Then we just agree on the takeover.

Too Good To Go

Too Good to Go is an app that connects 22 million users across Europe with restaurants, supermarkets and bars that share leftover food through the app. According to the CNET portal, the application should save up to 100,000 meals a day, which greatly reduces the amount of waste. Food is available at a discounted price, but it is necessary to check if the app is available in the area where we live. The Too Good to Go app is available for iOS and Android .


The PaperKarma application was created to reduce the amount of miscellaneous paper material that is found in the mailboxes of people around the world on a daily basis. Users, in areas where the PaperKarma app works, simply take pictures of mail they no longer want to receive – various catalogs, offers, or mail from previous residents. They then choose a name or address and delete themselves from the address of the company that sends them spam. 

Ecosia web browser

Before you go online again, try the Ecosia web browser  , which uses advertising revenue to plant trees. During the fires in Australia, which recently severely affected many people, animals and nature, Ecosia devoted all its profits to planting trees in Australia. In just one day, they are expected to be able to plant more than 26,000 trees. Ecosie’s operations are transparent, as they publish a financial report every month and do not sell user data to any “third-party” site. The browser is also available for mobile, and you get it for  iOS and Android .


Plastic is probably one of the biggest enemies of the planet, and the use of various bottles, whether glass or different, is the first step towards rescuing the planet from this burden, at least for a while. The Tap app, available for both  iOS and Android , helps users find places where they can refill their reusable packaging with water. The Tap Refill Statio n network  contains restaurants, bars, taps and more to be found where users can tap for free. The application shows the user the location of the station, the fastest way to the station and the details of the water at each location. The user finds out if cold, filtered, carbonated, or even flavored water is available. 


Research by the journal  Science says that by eliminating meat and dairy products from their diet, an individual could change their carbon footprint by 73%. It takes time for someone to opt for veganism because it is not a decision that someone would make overnight. However, for those of you who are already vegan or vegetarian, you can find restaurants that offer vegan meals and even delivery with the help of the Happycow app  , which is available for iOS and Android . All you have to do is download the app, or use the website, and explore your site. The app includes restaurants that are vegan, vegetarian, or offer one of these two options in their offer. 


The application is only available in the UK, but is intended to verify the “eco” origin of food. Giki has a built-in scanner that allows users to check the origin of food while shopping. The application evaluates each food with labels, so the more labels, the more sustainable the food. If a product does not achieve a sufficient rating, Giki offers an alternative. The app is available for  iOS and Android 


If you have that option, having your own garden is a good way to control what we eat. Still, gardening is not as easy as it may seem to many. Therefore, the iHuerting app  ( iOS and Android ) offers tips on which vegetables thrive at a given time, what we need to do with it, and so on. The app reminds us when to water and how to take care of your crop.

Think Dirty

Like Giki, the Think Dirty app helps you find “eco” cosmetics and beauty products. We can compare potentially toxic ingredients while shopping, and both  iOS and Android versions are available. 

Even more “eco” applications:

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