$ 5,000 because you browsed with Chrome in safe mode (Incognito mode)?

Business lawyers in California recalled that it was possible to extract quite a bit of money from the mighty Google, based on the protection of personal data, to which we are increasingly sensitive. To all (Americans?) Who have ever used the so-called “Incognito mode” since June 1, 2016, Google is supposed to pay $ 5,000. The company is therefore expected to be at billions.

The idea behind the lawyers says that when Google Chrome launches the so-called safe browsing mode (Incognito mode, Ctrl-Shift-N), it does say that this “security” means that the browser on the local computer will not leave behind. traces (history, cookies…), but traces will still be recorded by the website and the ISP. However, it does not explicitly mention its Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and Google Sign-In services. According to the lawyers who filed the class action (“class action”), this means that Google, despite the explicit choice of the user to be anonymous, still “secretly follows” it. Which, however, is contrary to U.S. federal and state wiretapping laws.

It is true that the safe way of browsing is far from being as secure as a normal user might imagine (the closest to safe browsing are these “dark web” browsers like Tor Browser ), but this time the lawyer’s attempt may be a little too optimistic…

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