A new date for the planned launch of Slovenian satellites is August 17

The launch of the Vega rocket with the first Slovenian satellites Nemo HD and Trisat has been postponed to August 17, when the weather conditions above the launch site in French Guiana are expected to be more favorable, the company Arianespace announced. They decided to do so after postponing the launch several times in the last two weeks due to strong high-altitude winds.

As the weather conditions will not improve in the near future, they decided to postpone the launch to mid-August, Arianespace said. At that time, according to the forecasts, the winds that could blow the wreckage into populated areas in the event of an accident would be favorable for space flight .

Intermediate time will be used to re-prepare the Vega rocket and the 53 satellites on board for launch. Among other things, they will charge the batteries on the spacecraft and satellites, the company added.

It is expected to do well in both Slovenian satellites, the Sunday after an unsuccessful attempt to launch announced by Director of the Center of Excellence Space-SI, where they developed Nema HD, Thomas Rodic and water yeah project Trisat Iztok Kramberger . Larger tasks on Trisat nanosatellite and Nemo HD microsatellite will not be required.

The rocket was originally scheduled to be launched from Kourou as early as September last year, but was postponed due to the failed launch of the Vega rocket last July. The launch was then planned for March this year, but was prevented by the covida-19 pandemic. In the last two weeks, however, the launch has been prevented by strong high-altitude winds. The last time space flight was prevented was on Sunday.

This launch is not only groundbreaking for Slovenian science, but also for Europe, since it will be the first European rocket in space flight began as many small satellites at a time. This is the first test of the Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) concept.

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