Apple Macs will soon undergo an amazing transformation!

If the online rumors are to be believed, Apple will announce a new generation of Macs without Intel processors at the WWDC development conference on June 22. These are supposed to be completely replaced by processors that will be equipped with ARM cores. Apple is expected to equip both desktops and laptops with them, as ARM processors have long “surpassed” classic x86 processors. Namely, they offer much higher capacity with much lower electricity consumption, which contributes to a significantly longer autonomy of laptop operation.

Apple’s first processor with ARM processor cores for Max PCs is expected to be equipped with as many as eight processor cores. Eight more powerful cores called Firestorm will ensure smooth operation, while four processor cores with the factory designation Icestorm will take over the task for less demanding tasks. This actually means that Apple PCs will be powerful but at the same time completely economical with valuable electricity. In addition to more efficient operation and lower electricity consumption, they will be able to be equipped with more efficient and, above all, quiet cooling systems at the expense of less heating.

By switching to ARM processor cores, Apple would also reduce production costs by between 40 and 60 percent, which is of course in the interest of the computer giant. Experts are convinced that Apple will first equip entry-level versions of Mac Mini and iMac PCs with ARM processors, and a little later, more powerful iMac Pro and Mac Pro PCs will be transformed, which will of course gain the most with ARM processors. More about Apple’s intention to move to ARM processor cores will be known during the June WWDC development conference.

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