Cryptocurrency Trading Workshop 2018-03-24T17:49:11+01:00

Our goal is to equip you with information, knowledge, state of mind and way of thinking you need to be financially successful in trading with Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency.




✔  Make your incomes bigger for 10, 50 or even 100 times
✔  Get what you need for successful start and the great journey
✔  Psychology of market, emotional cycle and Elliot waves theory

✔  Learn to use Fibonacci corrections in oscillation indicators
✔  Trading on patches and how to analyze ICOs
✔  Trade with daily trading signals and corrections
✔  Fundamental and technical analysis and analysis of coins
✔  Full video of a workshop with all the information
✔  1 hour of work with crypto watts per day brings a great income
✔  The workshop is in the form of a LIVE webinar (2 hours)
✔  Lecturer Andrej Bohinc, uni.dipl. economist, entrepreneur, financial adviser and investor

Now is the time to invest, mine, and trade with cryptocurrencies! (info: +386 70 999 447)

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