Facebook banned hundreds of groups of American far-rightists

U.S. technology giant Facebook has announced that it has removed and banned 220 accounts from its social network and dozens of profiles from its social network Instagram, which were part of a violent anti-government network of U.S. far-rightists known as the Boogaloo movement.

Facebook removed 95 accounts on Instagram and 28 pages and 106 groups on Facebook that were part of the movement. Another 400 groups and 100 pages were removed for violating the policy on dangerous and violent content.

The movement is spread across several locations in the U.S. and members are communicating with each other through networks owned by Facebook, they said. “They are actively promoting violence against civilians, police officers, government officials and institutions,” they added at the company, which also owns Instagram and Whatsapp.

The company has been following the activities of such groups since 2012, and has been observing them in more detail since last year. They recalled that some members of the movement wore clothes typical of members of the Boogaloo movement at a gun rights rally in Richmond in January, and had been spotted at other protests and rallies across the United States.

Members of the movement usually appear at rallies, dressed in Hawaiian shirts, and carrying assault rifles and pistols.

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