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With  250 million days visitorsFacebook marketing is a huge opportunity. Facebook’s vast user base creates a great opportunity to reach a huge amount of people interested in your product, service, or business. Enjoy branding experience advertising inside our 3 million reach community.

➚ Advertise on our Facebook pages with up to 3 million people
Use Facebook Lead ads & collect emails from your followers
Get 10.000 new targeted followers in just two months
 Order a custom-made Facebook page with a custom audience
Manage up to 2.000 new connections on Linked

Advanced custom user targeting
Facebook marketing gives us thousands of options to reach your exact audience. Facebook advertising provides targeting features which are unavailable to Google, Twitter, or other traditional media. We are able to target any preferences you desire, even get you followers from the competition.

Build an Email list on Facebook using Facebook Lead ads features
Get emails
from your followers with our special app
Use our landing pages to get the best engagement
Get 10.000
targeted followers and 5000 emails in two months!

Advertising on Facebook pages
Besides advanced custom targeting, we offer clients to advertise on our Facebook pages. Our community is seen in the range of reach from 3-5 million people altogether. If you need clients from any country by your choice, fill in the form below. Our audience is growing for 1000 – 3000 new people a day and the numbers are getting bigger as we speak. Want to pin your post on our 500.000 European people Facebook page?

Build an email list on Facebook using Facebook Lead ads features, get emails from all your followers,  use our landing page designs to get the best engagement and get 10.000 targeted followers and 5.000 emails in two months!

☑ Custom made Facebook page by your desired preferences
In 6 months you can get 100,000 suitable organic followers. We deliver your content only to a relevant audience for your product by advanced targeting, or we build you a new Facebook page with any topic, country, age, sex, interest, hobby or even competition preferences.

Conversion Tracking – We’ll help you install the Facebook pixel and set up any custom conversions.
Making quizzes, Social media contests and prize games
Copywriter – Our copywriters use their gift of words to ensure your ads generate traffic and conversions.
Facebook cover photo marketing on our Facebook pages
Facebook Chat Bot – Integration of Facebook chat autoresponder and auto chat pop-up
Graphic Designer – We’ll edit any images or create new ones to help captivate more audience.
Renovating Facebook pages – Chnage the style, graphic material, bio, impressum, posting…
Build an Email list on Facebook using Facebook Lead ads features & get emails from your followers
AB Testing – We’ll test your targeting, ad copy and images to ensure you’re getting the best ROI.
Remarketing  – We’ll help you reach users on Facebook that visited your site in the past.
Custom Audiences – We will help you find ANY custom audiences of customers
Facebook Experts – Our team is able to implement best practices that we’ve seen in campaigns.
Facebook Ad Tech – We utilize the latest in Facebook ad technology to maximize your results.
Reporting – We’ll run audience insights reports and monthly reports anytime.
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  • Facebook Basic

    Improve your Facebook page and get more leads!

  • 10.000 NEW targeted followers!
  • ✔ Renovation and optimization of your Facebook page
  • ✔ New attractive Facebook cover video
  • ✔ Advertising on our 20 highly engaging Facebook pages
  • ✔ Advertising in niche Facebook groups
  • Facebook Chat Bot
  • ✔ Facebook Like Box Professional plugin
  • ✔ Super Socializer plugin
  • ✔ Facebook pixel integration
  • ✔ 1x week pinned post for 24h on 400.000 Facebook fan page
  • Estimated Reach: up to 100.000 people
  • Facebook Pro

    Get advertised on pages with over 3 million followers!

  • 20.000 NEW targeted followers!
  • ✔ Everything from Basic
  • ✔ Complete strategy with designed ads
  • ✔ Daily management & high quality postings
  • Geo-target audience behaviours analisys
  • ✔ Facebook Lead Ads implementation
  • Facebook video clip marketing
  • ✔ Facebook Review Pro plugin
  • ✔ Quiz or Price game 1x month
  • ✔ 2x /week pinned post for 24h on 400.000 facebook fan page
  • ✔ Montly reports & analysis
  • Estimatd Reach: up to 300.000 people
  • ✔ (Optional) Costum Facebook page with 50.000 carefully targeted audience
  • Facebook Ultra

    Get costumed target audience and skyrocket your reach!

  • 30.000 NEW targeted followers!
  • ✔ Everything from Professional
  • ✔ Facebook Ninja plugin for getting more likes
  • Audience from any Facebook page
  • ✔ Your banner on our biggest Facebook page cover for a week
  • ✔ Quiz 1x month and Price game 1x month
  • ✔ Get emails from all your Facebook fans
  • Custom Facebook page with demographic details by your choice
  • ✔ 1x /week pinned post for 24h on ALL our Facebook pages
  • Estimated Reach: from 500.000 people+
  • ✔ (Optional) Custom Facebook page with 100.000 carefully targeted audience