Google announced payment for published journalistic content

The American technology giant Google has announced the conclusion of licensing agreements with media houses for next year, with which it will for the first time ever commit to paying a fee for publishing journalistic content, the company announced today. In the first phase, it will conclude contracts with media houses from Germany, Australia and Brazil.

For years, Google has resisted demands from media companies around the world for financial compensation for publishing their content. Particularly loud criticism came from European media houses.

The American giant has now finally relented. “Today, we are announcing a licensing purchase program under which we will pay publishers quality compensation for the needs of the new‘ information experience ’,” company spokesman Brad Bender posted on a Google blog .

The Informative Experience is a new Google product that will be available on Google News and Google Discover next year.

In the first phase, Google will sign agreements with German media houses Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Rheinische Post , Australian Schwartz Media, The Conversation and Solstice Media, and Brazilian Diarios Associados and A Gazeta . The next phase will be followed by signatures with media houses from other countries.

“The vibrant news industry is important, perhaps even more important than it has been so far. People are increasingly concerned in times of pandemic and racial injustice in some parts of the world,” Bender stressed. “We deeply care about providing access to information and supporting publishers who publish on these important topics,” he added. 

He did not explain in detail what the novelty will bring to users, nor how much revenue they are counting on from this title.

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