Honda was a victim of a hacker attack

Japan’s Honda said it was the target of a hacker attack that forced them to suspend production and send some employees on emergency leave. Production was halted at all U.S. factories, and plants in Japan, Turkey, India, and Brazil were also affected.

The attack began Monday morning in Tokyo and then spread across the network to factories around the world, Honda said. As a result, some employees were sent on special leave and, above all, were advised against using work computers and logging on to the network. This route is blamed on the Ekans (Snake) blackmail software. Apparently, it also attacked the production system, but by Tuesday evening, the problems had already limited enough for production to continue. Customer support and the finance department are also disrupted.

It is not yet clear how the extortion virus invaded Honda. Experts warn that the epidemic, which has forced many people to work from home, has increased the number of hacker attacks and viral infections. An important factor is the use of unprotected home computer equipment, and in addition, the new disease has been an excellent testing ground for the spread of viruses via e-mail.

This is not the first attack on Honda, as they were the target of the WannaCry attack three years ago. At the time, WannaCry infected more than 100 different companies, including Hondo.

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