Huawei P40 lite: even without Google, even more smart for even less money

The Huawei P40 lite wants to continue the tradition of the best-selling phone in the annual P series of smartphones – will it succeed? We dare to say good to him.

The year 2020 turned out to be quite different in its first three months – and not in a good light. But Huawei remains true to another of its traditions: a few weeks before the big and solemn world premiere of the new series of P-series smartphones (quarantined by the covid-19 epidemic this year and will therefore only be broadcast online on March 26), it quietly presents the most modest and therefore also the most favorable member of the new family.

Also this year, the P lite was presented almost imperceptibly

Thus, quietly and imperceptibly, the P40 lite came into our hands for a short time in the first half of March this year as well – but just because the lite is modest does not mean that it is not worth our interest.

On the contrary, experience to date shows that in the families of P-series smartphones, the flat lite is generally the best-selling, as it costs about a third of the price of its more powerful brethren, yet it has quite a few nice features and functions that will satisfy even more demanding users.

Three eye-friendly colors

The Huawei P40 lite has almost exactly the same specifications as the other two slightly introduced Huawei phones. In the last days of last year, the Huawei nova 6SE smartphone was introduced to the Chinese market, and in the first days of this year, the Huawei nova 7i was introduced in some other Asian markets.

The difference is mainly in the color offer – the P40 lite went straight to the original color combinations. Our test subject, who was in Crush Green , was also kind to the eyes, and in addition to him, there are also pink S akura Pink and always elegant and traditional black.

The main (but not the only) trump card: processor and cameras

But the P40 Lite doesn’t just bet on its looks, it also has a strong heart – the Kirin 810 processor, which is certainly one of the best we’ll find in mid-range phones, and it’s certainly a big thank you for the fast and responsive performance.

At Huawei, the P Series has always been the focus of photography. While we are still waiting to see how the more powerful members of the P40 family will be impressed in this regard, we can say that the cast also turns out, even when there is (too) little light. The four cameras in the back, one in the front and the software, which also relies heavily on artificial intelligence, ensure that the images will be much better than you would expect from a smartphone in this price range.

Super fast filling straight from the package

Huawei P40 lite has a powerful battery (4200 milliampere hours), which will still have enough start-up and drive even after a whole day of intensive use.

Thanks to the support for fast charging (up to 40 watts), it will get enough energy for almost the whole day in half an hour of charging, and in a good hour it will be charged from empty to one hundred percent.

And now for the candy: Huawei’s special charger and cable to support this SuperCharge charge does n’t need to be bought separately – it’s already included with your phone.

Four at the back squared, one at the front of the screen

The particle in the upper left part of the more than 16-centimeter screen was stolen by the front camera, which makes the upper edge much smaller and the efficiency of the front part with the screen higher.

The four cameras on the back stand out a bit, but again not so much that the phone would be unstable or (very) oscillating when placed on the table. But it is precisely this quartet that is to be thanked for good and, as a rule, even excellent photographs in the most varied – even the most demanding conditions of photography.

The results are good for video, but not as great as for photos. If your hands like to shake, you need to know that video recording doesn’t have optical stabilization – we can’t have everything for less than 300 euros, can we?

Yes, it has an input for analog headphones, and no, it’s not waterproof

The fingerprint reader is in the screen itself and during our short test it convinced us about the speed and reliability of its operation. On the right are the volume and power keys, and on the left (top) are a slot for two SIM cards – if you give up one, you can consider upgrading the storage space to 256 gigabytes with memory cards of the appropriate format.

On the bottom there is a USB-C input, a microphone and a speaker, but also a 3.5 mm analog input is indispensable for fans of old analog headphones. Caution – P40 lite is not ready for fights with liquids, as it is not waterproof.

Even without Google it is possible (and expected to always be easier)

The new phone lite is running the free Android operating system in its latest ten major version, which is upgraded with Huawei’s EMUI user interface, also in the latest version.

The absence of Google’s mobile environment, especially the Play Store, which is the source of other applications, is probably the only serious concern, but this story does not necessarily have an unfortunate end: there are several ways to bridge this (smaller) gap.

Take a look at these solutions in a separate post – although Huawei does not officially promote these solutions or help with their implementation, you will probably be interested to know that everything worked for us on this phone. And we still dare to say that this will only be interesting for a while until Huawei puts all the apps (or at least as many as possible) into its Huawei AppGallery.

Concluding remarks

One of the great advantages of the Huawei P40 lite smartphone is its price. This is quickly seen when comparing its last year’s predecessor, the P30 lite, as the P40 lite, while arguably more powerful and advanced than the P30 lite, is almost half the price of the P30 lite at its launch.

However, price is definitely not the only thing that could attract you to this new smartphone. If you don’t (too much) miss Google software and its Play Store, or don’t mind having to do something more to get to your favorite apps (if they aren’t already in the Huawei AppGallery), the Huawei P40 lite is definitely a great fit. a candidate for someone who is looking for a great photo on a mobile phone and the maximum capacity of their smartphone for less than three hundred euros.

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