Mozilla with the new Firefox Monitor service

The non-profit organization Mozilla, which is better known mainly for its browser, has presented to the public a new tool with which you can check whether you have been a victim of online data theft. On the website  you only need to enter the e-mail address for which we want to check if it has ever appeared in a large collection of stolen web data since 2007.

With a few clicks, we can also register on the website, which allows us to receive automatic notifications in the event of new incidents, in which our e-mail address is also involved. We can also quickly and easily include multiple email addresses in a single notification account.

Why would you actually even pay attention to the fact that your email address was stolen from the database? Despite the fact that your e-mail address is a kind of “public” address, it is still an important fact that when stealing web databases, not only the e-mail address is stolen, but also passwords, names and surnames, bank card numbers, your address …

How do you proceed when you find out that a database with your email address has been stolen? First, it is definitely necessary to change the password for the service where the intrusion occurred. It is also important that you use different passwords for different services; just so, in case one password is stolen, the unprepared will not gain access to all of your online services. It is also important to pay attention to suspicious e-mails that require you to reset your password, enter various data … Last but not least, it is also important to keep track of your spending on bank cards if you use them for online payments.

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