Phones with a webcam under the screen soon among us!

Some time ago, we wrote about the intention of many Android smartphone manufacturers to develop a completely new solution that is supposed to eliminate annoying notches and holes in smartphone screens forever. Namely, their engineers have been working on the innovative screen for a long time, where the webcam will be directly below the surface of the screen, which will of course not be visible to the user. Nevertheless, it will offer all the features of a classic webcam, including capturing selfies. The webcam will “activate” under the screen only when we really need it.

Fortunately, the Chinese manufacturer of OLED displays has already made enough visible progress in this area that the technology is almost ready. This means that we will be able to see the first smartphones on the market as early as next year, where the webcam will be located directly below the screen and will only be displayed when necessary. In addition, the aforementioned technology will make it possible to make phones with much thinner edges around the screen.

It is also worth mentioning that the hardware here will not be enough to keep the webcam completely hidden behind the screen. Software will also play a big role in this, as it will have to solve problems related to brightness and colors. Advanced screens from Chinese display maker Visionox will be available to smartphone makers early next year. This actually means that the first devices equipped with it will be available for sale in the second half of next year, and for the most part, these will be smartphones from leading Chinese companies.

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