Samsung with its payment card too

Apple some time ago in the US offered its credit card, which is made of titanium and upset many users, due to the limit that the application automatically assigns to the user. Well, now Samsung has entered the world of mobile and card business.

Samsung has been offering its Samsung Pay service for several years, which is available in the USA and allows the user to make mobile payments in all stores.

The advantage of paying with Samsung Pay in the past in the USA was that it was not necessary to use the NFC function to pay, as many payment terminals did not offer contactless payment at the time, but only card withdrawal. This hurdle was circumvented by Samsung, while Google and Apple were limited to terminals that allowed contactless payments.

If we turn a few years forward, there is now virtually no payment terminal in the US that does not allow contactless payments, so Samsung is no longer competitive. Now, Samsung has decided to offer its own payment card, as Apple did a few months earlier. This is not just about digitizing an existing payment card, but a new, credit card that can only be used by Samsung phone users (Apple’s credit card can only be used by iPhone users).

Like Apple’s credit card, Samsung’s will be more digital than physical, as there will be no payment card information on the physical card. Samsung’s card will also offer prizes, or so-called “cashback”, but it is not yet known under what conditions this should take place.

It is also interesting to note that, like Apple’s card, it will not have its “home” in Samsung Pay, but in its application, Samsung Money (Apple’s card has its “home” in Apple Wallet).

For now, everything is still in the initial phase, so there are no physical cards yet, but there is already a lot of interest among users. Where and when the cards will be available is not yet known.

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