The best applications for arranging and decorating at home

If you are thinking of renovating your home, or just buying an individual piece of furniture, don’t leave anything to chance. You probably won’t be too surprised to be told that there are apps to help you decorate, choose the right color combination, take measurements, and even put pictures on the wall.

You will find countless free and paid apps for all phone users, and with the help of the portal, we’ve come up with some of the ones we think are most useful for you. It is also worth noting that many of these applications have direct links to online stores, which further facilitates home renovation. Let’s take a look at what are the best home decorating and decorating apps.

Apps to help you choose a color

Choosing the right color for the wall of your kitchen? What a difficult task, isn’t it? You can help yourself with the apps listed below. Still, it’s worth remembering that none of these apps provide 100% accuracy, as the screens of the phones are calibrated differently, which means that the colors on the phones are a little different than they really are. In addition, it should be noted that many paint manufacturers have already developed their own applications, and if you are looking for a specific brand of paint, it may be best to check if the application of the desired manufacturer does not already exist.

Color Capture

This handy app by author Benjamin Moore recognizes a color pattern with some image, or object from nature. Let’s say we like the color of a piece of furniture, or something else from nature. Leaves, flowers, whatever. Among other things, the application allows us to upload an image from our library or scan a QR code. In addition, Color Capture allows us to save an image with a matching color and create a variety of color combinations.

Platform: iPhone, iPadAndroid

Price : free

ColorSnap Visualizer

The Sherwin Williams app takes the color experience to the next level by allowing users to paint spaces and suggest a final look. The application in question can be used to paint rooms in real time, as shown in the figure. 

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android

Price: free

Paint Tester (iOS) in Color Grab (Android)

Paint Tester is a highly rated “room-painting” application that allows us to choose a color and test it on the walls of our home. An interesting feature of the application is that it helps us to combine colors between furniture and walls. 

For example, if we want to harmonize the color of a room, or we are looking for a specific shade of a certain color, this application tells us a clear color code and thus helps us to combine. Color Grab thus shows us the color code number, and we don’t have to worry about previewing and rating. 

Apps to help you furnish and renovate your home

Sometimes it happens that at home we lack the specific tools we need to measure, check the position and place the furniture. We can go to the store and choose the tools we need, but we can simply use the applications below, which prove to be extremely useful in certain situations. 

Photo Measures

Can you imagine an app that measures the entire room and applies the measurements to the furniture? This is the Photo Measures app.

Platform: iPhone, iPadAndroid

Price:  $ 6.99 (converted 6.15 eur)

iHandy Carpenter

This application combines 5 useful tools that are suitable for use especially on smaller projects. Initially, calibration will be required, but once we do this, the application is accurate enough to replace tools such as a ruler, angle gauge, and so on. 

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android

Price: $ 6.99 (converted 1.75 eur)

Visualization of furniture

When virtual reality technology was still in its infancy, you probably wouldn’t have thought that people would one day walk around with phones and furnish their homes. Anyway, today technology allows us to do this and a few companies have already introduced virtual reality technology into innovative applications that are perfect for home decoration. 


The app gives users access to 3D models of furniture from some of the largest retailers, such as Amazon and Crate & Barrel, and allows you to place actual pieces of furniture in your home. There are also some other 3D rooms where we can test the whole design of the space. In addition, we can completely personalize the look of the premises and share the final product on social networks, where we certainly get some advice from our friends or followers. 

Platform: iPhone, iPad

Price: free


It is an extremely popular application that contains more than 20 million high-resolution photos of exterior and interior design of houses, apartments, rooms and more, 10 million products and materials and about a million 3D products. The Houzz app has everything, including current discounts, visual product combinations, and even the option of “in-app” purchases. In addition, we can sketch our ideas in the app and share them with family members or friends. Houzz is currently the most comprehensive decorative application on the market, and is useful for virtually all projects, regardless of their size. 

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android

Price: free

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