The first Hollywood movie where the main actress is – a robot

Meet Erico, the lead actress in an emerging Hollywood sci-fi movie. Erica is the first lead actress of her kind in a Hollywood film, as she is a human-like robot powered by artificial intelligence.

Erico was created a few years ago by Japanese robotics experts Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa to study the interaction of humans and computers. Now, however, Erica has been given the opportunity to dive into serious film waters: two American and one Belgian production company will be shooting a sci-fi film titled b , starring Erica.

A story in two sentences

Film b will be about a scientist who discovered a program to create perfect human DNA. With it, he creates an intelligent robot, somehow Erico. But because this DNA fails and becomes dangerous, Erica has to escape from the lab to the real world for her own safety, with her, so to speak, father helping her.

Part of the film, which has a budget of around 63 million euros, has already been shot in Japan, and the rest is expected to be shot in Europe in late spring next year.

She learned acting

Erica has made so much progress in these few years of her existence that she can now express her feelings. But like any conscientious actress, before her first major role, she went to acting school according to a method developed by Russian theater, actor and director Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

This method argues that the player must be believable, not just understandable. He has to stop being an actor and become the character he plays. To do this, he does not need prior direct experience with the circumstances of his role, but must find encouragement and emotion within himself. Ideal for Erico, who really has no previous experience.

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