The new Google Chromecast is supposed to have Android TV installed

Google Chromecast, an extremely popular and affordable solution for playing mobile content on a TV, will, as it currently seems, grow into a real “android box”.

Rumors have been circulating since March that Google’s next Chromecast will be significantly upgraded, and the latest news from the XDA development portal suggests that it will bring TVs that are not based on Android TV “through the side door”.

Chromecast, whose current development name is Sabrina, is expected to have Android TV in addition to the usual support for streaming video, which also means access to the Play Store and the ability to install applications. This means that customers of the device will most likely also be able to use applications such as Youtube, Netflix, Plex or Kodi on the TV. What’s more, competition (Apple, Amazon…) has apparently forced Google to include a remote as well. Users mostly use mobile apps for this type of device, but a remote control (which will most likely also have a built-in microphone to connect to Google’s digital assistant) will certainly come in handy for many people.

Nothing is certain yet about the release date and even about the physical shape, and rumors mention that the price of the device should not exceed eighty dollars. Let us mention that the “Chinese” have been offering their “android boxes” for a long time, much cheaper, at around 30 euros (and more).

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