Viber introduces group video calls for up to 20 people

Viber – one of the most popular applications for free chat and calls, announced today that it is introducing video groups with up to 20 people in Croatia at the beginning of June.

Viber introduces group video calls – the ideal solution for larger meetings and online education as a new standard after the COVID-19 pandemic

App fans around the world will now be able to use video calls with up to 20 people, which will respond to the growing need to use video calls in private as well as professional communication.

Rakuten Viber , one of the world’s leading applications for secure and free communication, has announced the recent introduction of a new feature – group video calls for up to 20 people, with an unlimited duration. Encouraged by the great success of group voice calls, Viber has decided to further enrich the app with group video calls, an ideal solution for the growing need for video calls that replace live meetings, either with family and friends or business colleagues.

Due to maintaining social distance and gradually getting used to new patterns of behavior, people are looking for new ways of group gathering. Master chefs who hold cooking courses, yoga instructors who teach participants proper breathing, all who have the need to simultaneously visually communicate with multiple people also need a platform to do so. With Viber group video calls, all of these activities are feasible via the app itself, with features like screen sharing and video streaming for mobile and desktop devices. Group video calls are the perfect addition to other Viber features, including group chats for up to 250 people and group voice calls for up to 20 people.

Start a group video call:

  • Click the new “video” button at the top of the screen or simply add more people to an already started video call.
  • Enjoy chatting with family and friends you may not have a chance to see live.

Group video calls are the right solution both for addressing a group of participants and for their mutual communication. Users can also select one participant and attach his or her video to their screen during a call. The video will be attached just for them. Users can mute their microphone or camera during a call, as well as see if other participants have done the same.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to offer our customers participation in video calls for up to 20 people, which we intend to expand further soon. Viber as a platform has an important social role because the simplicity of video communication will play a much bigger role in our lives from now on. We decided to introduce this functionality in order to provide users with the most faithful alternative to live meetings when they are not possible, ” explained Ofir Eyal, Viber’s Chief Operating Officer.

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