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We are psychologists who renovate websites. We are redesigning and improving websites, web shops and Facebook pages in order to reach their full potential. There are people behind click and likes, and we understand what they want. One must listen to his audience in order to understand their desires, beliefs, and attitudes to be able to tell them a compelling story.

We get your online business up like no one, mostly with combined skills of behavioral psychology principles on the internet, market research, marketing psychology, and top web development.

➚  Renovate or redesign your website with help of psychologists
➚  Improve your website by the behavioral patterns of audience
➚  Change your website to sell more or build a new one
➚  Reform your content and articles to get more engagement
➚  Redesign your webshop so costumes will buy more!

Our website renewal brings more user satisfaction and longer visits because the page is improved to attract a specific audience and stimulate certain emotion. The website also systematically leads a visitor to reach a goal.

When the renovation is finished, we start with marketing and lead a crowd of a specially targeted audience to your page.

Our goal is to learn what your costumers want and show you how to speak to them. The main point of marketing is to put your self in the head of the consumer and study their behavior. Studying consumer behavior gives you an opportunity to offer the best solution at any given time. Who can do it better than psychologists who are also a web marketing experts?

Need to build a new website or renovate and improve existing one? Check our packages below.

  • Basic Renovation

    Get better speed, performance and security for your website

  • ✔ SSL certificate
  • WP Rocket Premium cache plugin + optimization of all images
  • ✔ SocialPilot Pro licence
  • CDN Cloudflare network integration
  • Gonzales Speedup website integration
  • ✔ Simple ONsite SEO
  • ✔ FREE complete performance report
  • ✔ -50% on VPS hosting (first year)
  • ✔ FREE montly SEO "sweep"
  • Professional Renovation

    Get #1 Google rank with full SEO strategy and more

  • ✔ Everything from Basic
  • ✔ Complete Onsite & Offsite SEO improvements
  • Montly external backlinks building
  • ✔ 3x SEO article with european backlinks
  • ✔ Marketing improvements on your pop-up
  • Facebook Pro chat customer support integration for your clients
  • Multilanguage site (website translated in 5 languages)
  • ✔ 14 days FREE Facebook advertising
  • Premium Renovation

    Renovate your online business by marketing psychologist

  • ✔ Everything from Professional
  • ✔ Complete website renovation by behavioral pychology principles
  • ✔ Modern new design that attracts instantly
  • 300 extra european backlinks
  • ✔ CDN Cloudflare PRO integration
  • ✔ Email marketing strategy improvements
  • ✔ Hosting on fast dedicated server
  • ✔ Facebook group with 10.000 targeted followers!