What can convince you to pay € 1,500 for a ladies folding phone?

The Galaxy Z Flip is the second star of Samsung’s flip phones, which differs from its predecessor Galaxy Fold mainly in that it is much smaller, which Samsung hopes will convince more people. Anyway: is it worth deducting around 1,500 euros for it?

Samsung has managed to make a folding phone that is nothing more and nothing less than you would expect from a folding phone: it is like a normal smartphone, but with the advantage that it can be folded and thus takes up significantly less space in your pocket, purse or jacket. .

In theory, this sounds quite simple, but in practice, making such a phone to work as the user expects is a big challenge. With the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung has managed this with the help of ultra-thin glass, which unfortunately has a drawback that many will not be able to overlook: it is much more sensitive to possible nail marks than the screens of other smartphones.

How does a flexible screen work?

A nail trail to the side; the AMOLED screen provides incredible color quality and limits the emission of blue light, but it is still difficult to compare with the screens of ordinary Samsung (inflexible) phones, which have spoiled their users with their quality in recent years.

Then there is the fold, a feature of folding phones that no one who picks up such a phone for the first time can overlook. This is visible in the fully open Galaxy Z Flip, but it doesn’t bother you when viewing photos and videos.

The “problem” arises when opening the screen, which is quite difficult to do with one hand, which Samsung is supposed to do on purpose. The fold is supposed to be intentionally harder because the phone gains additional functionality: half-folding enables hands-free video calling and selfie recording, as well as easier viewing of videos, as this only folds, turns and places the phone.

When the phone is in flexible mode, the apps are split in half, the control keys are on the bottom half, and the top half is for viewing.

In flexible mode, it can also be changed to a clock on the nightstand.

Since folding when using this phone is of course common and could accumulate dust in the hinge, Samsung has solved this with cleaning technology that removes dust in the hidden hinge.

What about when it’s closed?

When the phone is closed, thanks to the thin screen, it is still narrow enough to take up significantly less space in the pocket of trousers or jackets and even in a small evening bag, and some features will be visible on the bottom half of the phone. Which, you can choose for yourself.

The external display allows for quick notification, and thanks to the continuity of the context, you can press the notification and immediately switch to using the appropriate application when you open the phone.

Speaking of fingerprints – the outside of the phone is more durable than the inside, but many people will be bothered by the visibility of fingerprints after receiving the phone. In addition, you will receive a warning at the time of purchase that you do not place payment cards, keys or coins on it when it is closed.

The battery turned out better than the camera

The rear dual camera (wide angle (12 MP) and ultra wide angle camera (12 MP)) and the front camera with 10 MP are good enough, satisfactory, but not the best.

They are difficult to compare with the current competition in the market, although they also do well with night shots. However, many Samsung models have already proven that “good enough” cameras are no longer good enough – they must be phenomenal, and the Galaxy Z Flip would still have a lot of room for improvement.

However, the battery of Samsung’s second folding phone turned out much better. Because the dual battery with a capacity of 3300 mAh provides more power in a smaller space, you can fold and unfold the phone all day. It also allows wireless charging.

Is it like a normal smartphone? No.

The Galaxy Z Flip is not like a regular smartphone for three reasons: because it folds, because the screen is too sensitive to sharp touches, and because the camera isn’t good enough to justify the high price of around $ 1,500. 

However, after only a few days of use, it seems that it can compete with ordinary (inflexible) phones mainly because of its unique advantage: it will suit users who love big screens, but they steal space in the pocket of their pants or jacket. 


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